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One of the most popular strains of cannabis sativa in America is Green Crack (bred from Skunk#1) which is well-loved for its ability to help sharpen focus, energize the mind, and banish fatigue. Green Crack, sometimes called Green Cush, has a tropical aroma and tangy flavor.

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Green Crack may have originated in Athens, Georgia during the 70s decade.  It was bred from Skunk #1 as a Sativa dominant plant.  A second popular strain of Green Crack is Indica dominant and bred from landrace Afghani parents.  The plant was originally called Green Cush, with a ‘C’.  However, it is a favorite of weed enthusiast, rapper Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, who dubbed it Green Crack for its energizing properties.  Many weed enthusiasts have tried to revive the old name, so that it is clear that Green Crack contains no cocaine, and the Indica strain may have more relaxing properties while the Sativa will be invigorating as expected.

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