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Purple Haze’s history is a mystery: Thought to have been created in the 1960s, this marijuana strain is probably a cross between the beloved Haze and Purple Thai. It’s incorrectly believed that Jimi Hendrix named his song Purple Haze after this strain; however, the opposite is true—this cannabis strain was named after Hendrix’s song, which is about the effects of LSD.

With its heyday in the 1960s, Purple Haze’s genetics have become clouded over time. These days, many cannabis strains are sold under the name Purple Haze, with Haze being one…

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4 reviews for Buy Purple Haze Strain

  1. Andrew Howard

    I grabbed a 1/4 from the The Green Miles Buds dispensary, and simply walked through the RLD with my buddy as we smoked the joints we rolled. I swear this stuff is almost psychedelic – lights and sounds, every sense was amplified – and the euphoria was so intense that I was giggling in disbelief. I finally found a strain that gets me truly stoned again. Hahaha Thank you Green Miles

  2. Mollie Milligan

    This is honestly probably one of my favorites. when I got my medical card back in July, this was the first strain I bought. I have severe PTSD and it causes panic attacks when I get triggers. for real, this strain put me to sleep. usually I have panic attacks if I get too high but this didn’t do it to me. I only get panic attacks if the strain makes me dizzy, or my heart pound out of my damn chest. lmao. anyways, I put a decent amount in my vape and slowly was hitting it. (like I took 1-2 hits at first to make sure I wasn’t going to have a panic attack.) it tasted amazing by the way! it tasted like earthy and fruit/berry. the creativity was insane lol. after I was done smoking I actually wanted to color! lol. the colors were to vibrant it was mind blowing! in all honesty, I will say this is a strong strain and everything in the description is true. I felt all of the medical effects. it was perfect to put me to sleep, and relax me if I knew I was going to have an “episode”. I am not usually a day time smoker but, once in awhile I’ll smoke during the day. (has to be a special occasion though lol.)

  3. Jennifer Hills

    Ah yes, long time favorite. Leaves a nice after taste. Want to forget about your aches and pains? Can’t miss with Purple Haze

  4. Amber Dawn Landrum

    purple haze from Prime has to be one of the best smelling & tasting flower I’ve had in awhile. the bud structure was magnificent. Green Miles Buds brought it to my house after 3 days of waiting, work on your time guys, perfect product tho

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