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Durban Poison is an energetic, focused strain of bud. It tastes like a sweet, earthy, and piney mix of euphoria; producing uplifting, creative, and happy sensations.

This is the perfect strain for daytime smoking as it is a pure sativa with a clear minded high that helps you stay productive all day long. I’ve never experienced a comedown after smoking Durban.

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This super-potent strain is known as a pure sativa, and offers a hard-hitting high that will be sure to energize you! If you are looking for a high that could be compared to having dozens of espresso shots all at once, then this is the strain for you!

Incredibly energizing, Durban Poison is best known for its creative boost that is perfect for daytime consumption and getting you off to a productive start! THC levels in this strain have been known to reach a whopping 24%, which makes it one of the stronger strains on the market.

Also, with a distinctive sweet and spicy aroma that has some fruity notes, Durban Poison is renowned for its happy head high, and also comes with a few medicinal benefits such as migraine-relief, increased appetite, and anti-emetic properties!

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3 reviews for Buy Durban Poison Strain

  1. Jeff Moris Corey

    I first tried the Durban in California, it was a fantastic. Uplifting and allowed me to get everything done with a heavy high. If you haven’t, you must try this strain. I think Green Miles Buds Dispensary has the best DP in CA

  2. Wilt Chamberlain

    It’s a bit much for me, in the anxiety department. Very powerful sativa with a great flavor- if you don’t do sativas well, be careful with this, and use it slowly- because this stuff is like being dropped into an ice cold tank of “marijuana-ness” One moment I was normal, and the next moment I feel high as fuck hahahah

  3. Rodney Eastman Sr

    This is nice! I feel energetic and talkative. things don’t look super cool or anything but it’s a good feeling. I want to accomplish everything. Thank you guys for the quick delivery.

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