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Containing a hodgepodge of old-school sativa genetics, Amnesia Haze has been at the top of the marijuana scene for years, winning countless Cannabis Cups and awards with it’s mind-erasing high 25% THC buds.

🌿 Grows large. This 90% sativa strain grows long limbs featuring frosty THC-laden nuggets with a Low leaf-to-bud ratio. Amnesia Haze was made from South East Asian, Hawaiian and Jamaican genetics.

⚖️ Amnesia Haze’s robust plants flower slamming on the bulk, evolving into gigantic colas that exude an oily grease of resin. Often being termed as ‘producing buds like an indica while growing as a sativa’, Amnesia’s resistance to disease and mold is high.

🍧 Flavors of lemon, anise seed and tropical fruit. Amnesia Haze is a very smooth smoke with an hard-hitting buzz. A creeper high.

👍Amnesia Haze’s highly potent “amnesia” buds are what gave this strain it’s name.

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